Virginia - Top State for Business

Consistently recognized as a top state to do business


Forbes ranked Virginia #1 in regulatory environment, #2 in labor supply and #5 in quality of life, keeping Virginia in the 2014 top four Best States for Business and Careers (, November 2014)

What makes Virginia a Top State for Business?

Business-first values

  • Virginia's leaders are committed to businesses' needs, free enterprise, and maintaining a profit-friendly environment
  • An experienced and professional economic development team- focused on concierge service and solutions for business
  • Right-to-work state- third lowest unionization rate in the country

Easy access to domestic and global markets

  • Washington Dulles International Airport
  • The Port of Virginia
  • Two of the nation's largest railroads operate in Virginia

Stable and low operating costs

  • 6% corporate income tax rate has not been increased since 1972
  • One of the lowest average workers' compensation costs and unemployment burdens in the U.S.

Talented and educated work force

  • TechAmerica, the leading high-tech trade association, ranks Virginia as the national leader for its concentration of high-tech workers
  • Nearly 20,000 doctoral scientists and engineers are employed in Virginia- one of the highest concentrations in the nation
  • More than 500,000 students are enrolled in over 100 in-state institutions of higher education