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We are Waynesboro, Virginia

We are a place where settlement came naturally, a place where pioneers crossing Rockfish Gap first glimpsed the vast beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Named for a Patriot of the American Revolution, we were the site of a brief yet pivotal battle of the Civil War, and became the location of a key crossing where railroads connected our country. This gave birth to early industry that would go on to become the foundation of our economy for the next century. Today, Waynesboro remains a place that has naturally evolved into a center of service, hospitality, high tech industry, and healthcare.

We are the place where amazing journeys come naturally. The Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway begin here and we are a crossing for the world’s most storied footpath—the Appalachian Trail. Our setting has inspired fine artists, craftsmen, and inventors. Our surroundings provide us the natural place to explore a stunning landscape, local wineries, and historic sites.

We are a place where community comes naturally. Families come here to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are a community where great schools and parks are within an easy walk; a place where fishermen cast for trout just blocks from a charming downtown; and where plans for the future look to cultural attractions, a restoration of the South River, and a fresh look to our hometown.

Our hospitality offers a warm welcome to newcomers and visitors alike.

Where Good Nature Comes Naturally

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