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City of Waynesboro Landscaping Grant Program

Qualifying applicants may receive 50% of landscaping or sidewalk improvement costs, up to a maximum of $4,000. Applications may include improvements to all sides of the property that are located within the Enterprise Zone and are generally required to exceed the minimum requirements of the City’s landscaping ordinance or site development review to qualify.

  • Qualified Applicant: Any owner of Enterprise Sub-zone property, or any tenant or prospective tenant having the building owner’s written approval.
  • Qualified Areas: The downtown area in which buildings are eligible consists of parcels within the Enterprise Sub-zone with a special focus on the Main Street District.
  • Qualified Improvements: Any external improvement to sidewalks and landscaping, including installation of new sidewalks, replacement of existing sidewalk, installation of handicap ramps, planting of trees and permanent landscaping fixtures, movable landscaping pots/baskets, and any additional amenities related to landscaping, such as landscaping boulders, grates, curbing, pavers, screening and/or irrigation. The Economic Development Authority reserves the right to fund only the portion of projects which exceed the minimum development standards of the City.
  • Improvement Standards: All sidewalk and landscaping improvements must conform to the Design Guidelines approved by the Design Committee. The Design Committee must approve any changes necessitated while the project is under construction prior to installation. All construction must be done in accordance with local code. Property owners are responsible for obtaining building and or sign permits where applicable. Proposed landscaping shall be native to Virginia. A means of irrigation must be provided to assure adequate plant establishment and/or plant hydration needs. As consideration of landscaping grant approval, the property owner/tenant shall be responsible for and hereby agrees to the maintenance and long-term care of the approved improvements.
  • Approval Process: Projects must be preapproved. Each applicant must submit one original (print or e-mail) of the completed application to the Waynesboro Economic Development Office (as outlined on page 2 of the application). In order to assure consideration, applications must be submitted to the Design Committee five business days before their regular monthly meeting (the 3rd Wednesday of the month). The order in which completed applications are received determines the order of funding approval. Applications will typically be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Design Committee for certification of appropriate design criteria and the Economic Development Authority for approval of funding. Design Committee approval will typically require two meetings if/when changes to the original design are suggested. A previously submitted application must be resubmitted for review if changes are made after the Design Committee’s approval.
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