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A Tourism Development Zone (TDZ) is a designated geographical area of Waynesboro identified for increased growth in tourism related businesses.  As allowed under  Virginia Code 58.1-3851, Waynesboro created a TDZ with three areas in fall of 2013.

Industries (as identified by NACIS code) that locate in a TDZ may be eligible for special local incentives ranging from tax and fee reimbursement, local memberships, and marketing and training support.  Capital improvements, job creation, quality of jobs, and other factors are scored and a corresponding level of incentives can be earned.  Additionally, tourism industry partners may be able to participate in the state gap-financing program.

Tourism Development Zone Areas

Downtown – includes the Central Business District from New Hope Road to near Delphine

East Main Street – East Main Street from Delphine Ave to the City limits towards Afton Mountain

Interstate – the area around I64 Exit 94 including the retail areas around Target and Walmart, continuing along Lew Dewitt Blvd

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